Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: The Poo Poo Fairy

Just ask every parent, and you will find that nearly all of them dread PT. Now, I'm not talking physical therapy, but instead potty training.

There are more ways to potty train a kid than there are kids. And, of course, no two kids will train in the same way.

My son wasn't potty trained until after he had turned three, and I had to teach him that being wet was not a good thing. Fortunately, my daughter, who just turned two, already knows this. Unfortunately, this means that she will take off her diaper and hand it to us when she is even the slightest bit damp. 

Unsure as to how to start this new potty training journey, I was introduced to The Poo Poo Fairy.

Paulina the Poo Poo Fairy is a cute little fairy who helps kids learn to use the potty. You can purchase just her story book which is currently on sale for $14.99 on their website, or a box set that includes a cute Paulina doll, which is on sale for $29.99.

I received the box set to try out. This particular method uses the Poo Poo Fairy kind of like a mashup between the Tooth Fairy, and the Elf on the Shelf. You put the doll somewhere to watch over the child, and she leaves behind just the right presents to help encourage them to keep going on the potty.

In the box set, an adorable Paulina doll is included. She has her soft curly hair and her pretty blue dress. Her blue iridescent wings even have wires, so you can pose her differently. She is supposed to watch over the potty training child as a visual motivation/reminder to use the potty. 

For our household, however, the way that the doll worked best as a motivator was to let my daughter actually cuddle with her. I know that this is not what is recommended with this method, but putting the pretty dolly up where my little one can see it, but not hold it, only resulted in tears.

The book in the Poo Poo Fairy set tells the tale of Paulina, a young and somewhat clumsy fairy who just wants to help kids. Poor Paulina just doesn't do well in any of her classes, from Molar Math with the Tooth Fairy to learning the Sugar Plum Shimmy from the Sugar Plum Fairies.

But, one day, she finds her calling, which is to help kids learn how to use the potty. And when she is all done, she leaves a special present for the now potty trained kid before she flies off to help the next one!

This hardcover book is a simple enough read and keeps my daughter's attention throughout, which is always a gamble. The illustrations are adorable, and unlike some potty training books that I have seen, have no “bits” showing.

Paulina brought a special reward for going on the potty, and that was candy corn. My daughter has a metabolic disorder which makes giving her food and treats extremely tricky, so finding something that she can have whenever she uses the potty and not having to worry about calculating it into her daily allowance is actually a big thing for her.

Paulina has helped introduce the big kid potty to my daughter, and though she isn't completely potty trained yet, she is (usually) excited to sit on the potty, and even tells us when she wants to (sometimes). For only being 26 months old, I'll take that as a win.     


  1. How cute!! There wasn't anything like this when my girls were toddlers, besides potty books.


  2. What a sweet way to get started! Thank you for sharing this book review at Tuesdays with a Twist LINK PARTY! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Thankfully, all of my boys have been potty trained now. However, this would have been great for them when we were going through that stage.

  4. What they don't think of now days. Super cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.