Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: Gnoments

This December, the Mister and I will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary and twelve years of knowing one another. After living in four different states, having two kids, and that many years behind us, sometimes it is hard to remember to keep some of the spontaneous spark that existed in those early days of infatuation, before the relationship evolved and matured.

When I first realized that I wanted us to take some extra time to focus on us, I implemented “date night” on Tuesday. It was a simple enough concept: after we put Mischief to bed, we put our devices away, and did something together, whether it was watching a show or movie that was just for us and actually being able to discuss it, or playing a two player board game.

Unfortunately, after our daughter was born, those nights became fewer and farther between, as more of our time was spent taking care of a newborn and catching up on sleep and/or work. Then we moved to a new state, and honestly, never picked the ritual back up.

Now that my daughter is two, I find myself missing those weekly date nights, so when I got the opportunity to check out Gnoments, I jumped on it!

Gnoments is a system to help remind you to connect with your love with the help of two adorable gnomes.

I got a cute boxed set that included a hardcover book that was part cute story and part tutorial on how to utilize the two stuffed gnomes.

These gnomes (one male with a beard and one female with braids) have magnets in their hands, which lets them hold each other's hand, pouches for holding treasure and notes on their backs, adorable hats which match up to form a cute heart, and an embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) tag.

NFC is a nifty technology that allows for wireless data transfer that many of the newer phones are now compatible with (if you can use something like Apple Pay, you can probably utilize the NFC tag in the Gnoments gnomes). My phone is not cool, or fancy, so I can't use this feature, however, no worries!

You can still send digital messages with your gnomes online, called a gnomification.

I took the liberty to be completely cheesy and named my gnomes immediately. My gnomes are Gned and Gnatasha. Yes, I am that awesomely lame.

These gnomes are supposed to remind you by just their very presence to take some time for your partner.

I have to say that they have persuaded me to become a bit more spontaneous with my Mister, and within the first week of having them, I set up a surprise date to go see a movie, just the two of us.

To put this in perspective, I think the last time we went out on a date was February, maybe March. Either way, it's been a while, and I am never the one to set things up (I'm a big homebody).

I've used Gned and Gnatasha to leave little notes for the Mister in the mornings, and they even helped me give him his early birthday present!

Unfortunately, even though he read the book, and I explained the concept of these adorable gnomes that now reside in our bedroom, my Mister has not taken any initiative to use them to even leave me a note! Sadface.

While I can use the website to send a Gnomification to the Mister, I find it to be an unnecessary extra step to sending him something. It is much easier to just shoot him a text, even if I want to send him a link. It honestly feels a little like sending something in high school via email a la 2006 instead of a 2016 text.

I think we've moved beyond that, and I prefer to just use the pouches and use pen and paper. The Gnomifications feature seems to me to be a consolation prize for those who lack phones with NFC technology. Or maybe that's just sour grapes talking, and I should just get a phone that costs more that $60...

Even though I couldn't use the NFC chips, I still love these little guys. I like being able to look up and see Gned and Gnatasha holding their hands on the dresser.

They are wonderful little gentle reminders to do something special for your someone special, no matter how big or little. A little whimsy goes a long way in my book, and these gnomes definitely add a little extra whimsy to our lives.

The holidays are coming up, and these little guys are a wonderful gift to a couple. I have actually ordered a set for a friend who just got married and will be giving them to her this holiday season for her and her new hubby to enjoy.

If you can think of a couple who could use adorable gnomey reminders to spend a little effort on each other (maybe you are part of that couple!) I highly recommend Gnoments. You can order a box set for yourself here for $39.95.


  1. They are quite cute but I can tell you my hubby wouldn't be using them either...

  2. They are cute it's a nice idea for leaving nice notes for a loved one.

  3. These are just darling, but sadly I don't think hubby would use it either! :( We always talk about date night, but it seems something always comes up.

    Luv the review and Congratulations to you both! #productreviewparty

  4. Adorable!! Even though mister missed the opportunity in sure it was a nice reminder for yourself to show him some love. Gotta start somewhere right?

  5. I've never heard of them before, but how cute is that? Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  6. Jessica, these are adorable, and the thought is definitely on point. To think of your spouse or significant other more often. It is so easy for this relationship to get lost in the shuffle, and even if he isn't using the Gnomes he knows you are thinking of him and that has to make him feel special. Win Win!

  7. Awesome idea! I seen these gnoments online and was wondering what they were all about.