Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fast & Simple Fairy Garden

My husband and I recently moved from a house with a largish yard to an apartment with only a balcony for open air space, and much less square footage - this was exactly the change we wanted but even positive change requires a period of adjustment.  Right now, we are deep in the 'everything is disordered and I don't know where to put it' phase.

Throughout this whole process, I've been avoiding anything crafty or hobby related because I want to get through the rest of the unpacking and organizing before I lose steam.  But then I unpacked a box of crafty odds and ends the same day my husband had picked up a pretty vase for the planned balcony herb garden.  And I didn't have anywhere to put these odds and ends, nor any big plan for them, so suddenly it seemed like a good idea to just use them.

This whole project took less than 10 minutes, and now I have a delightful little fairy garden just waiting for the right fairy to show up and claim it.

In addition to the planter, I had a couple bricks of florist's foam, some miscellaneous silk flower stems, and a bag of assorted moss.  I also had a tiny shabby chic bird feeder I'd picked up at a craft store, and a really interesting frog gargoyle that I've had for years - it's a reproduction miniature of one of the gargoyles on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Because this was an impulsive whim, I used no adhesive of any sort, and I like it that way - everything is simple tucked in and can easily be removed, rearranged or repurposed later.

First, I chopped the brick into smaller cubes of various sizes and filled  the pot with them.

I wanted to be able to be able to build some terrain so that the end result wasn't too flat.

After a bit of experimentation, I decided  the bird feeder needed to be higher than the frog to keep the composition interesting, so I built up the foam in the area where it would be set, covered everything else in moss, and then covering that higher piece of foam.

Next I placed the bird feeder in and nestle the frog down near it, pulling and arranging the moss until it looked good to me.

Lastly, I bent a sprig of silk blossoms to create a sort of arch over  the whole scene, and stuck it down into the foam.

Now obviously, what's missing from this little garden is a fairy to inhabit it - I'll be on the look out for the right one to show up to claim it.

For now, the bird feeder will contain a collection of little stones that have meaning for us and the whole thing will provide us with a small link back to our old home.

I do plan to make one change - I'm going to switch out the white flowers for a spray of cherry blossoms to draw together the DC theme, as well as to bring in a little color.

Unfortunately, the white spray pretty much disappears next to our white walls.

But that's fine, because switching this out will take only a moment!  This whole  thing was so fast and simple I didn't even have time to feel guilty for not unpacking.  In fact, it saved me from having to find a place to store this stuff. Win!


  1. Hi, Lynda! That is really pretty, I love that you don't need to actually plant or grow anything, but it looks alive. Awesome idea!

  2. Oh, I love this little fairy garden. It is absolutely adorable and the addition of the stones with personal meaning is a great idea! (Stopping by from the Home Matters link party.)

  3. This is absolutely adorable! We have a blog hop Wed-Sun come share this!!

  4. That is so cute!! I love it!!

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  5. I love your rairy garden. We have made the same change a you have, our outdoor is our balcony with a herb and a fairy garden. I need to give it a lot of attention as the ants came and sucked the life out of almost all my plants. Nothing seems to deter them for long. I may just start over and keep a better watch on them. I hope you enjoy your downsize as much as we do.

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  6. A very pretty fairy garden Lynda. And so easy to make as well. Anyone can make this with a little creativity. I love your c hoice of flowers and if you cannot find any others you might even consider painting them with acrylic paint. I have done this with much success. I look forward to the addition of the fairy. Pinning and tweeting.

  7. I love fairy gardens!! So much fun to make - Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party

  8. This is so pretty - I love how the flower sprig works with it. Thanks so much for sharing over at #FridayFrivolity! :D

  9. That is a great piece. Calm and beautiful. #TuesdayTalk

  10. Wow - you came up with a great fairy garden with some left over odds & ends. Really cute. Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon!

  11. What a cute little craft! :)

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  12. This is such a sweet little garden! I love the container you chose. Thank you for sharing on Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party. We hope to see you at the next party starting on Sunday at noon EST.

  13. Lynda, what a great idea! And you were able to use some pretty things and not put them away to store! Win Win! I love how it looks together, the colors and textures are very interesting. I'm sure there will be a fairy fight to see who gets to live there! LOL

  14. It's so hard when you first move and everything is everywhere! What a great way to use up odds and ends, and what a beautiful result. Your Simple Fairy Garden is gorgeous. I've featured it at this week's Hearth and Soul Hop. Thank you for sharing it!

  15. So cute!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.