Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review: Sand Gone Sand Remover

This past year was actually the first time ever having my wet toes in the sand - crazy, right? I loved experiencing the beach with my family, but quickly learned that sand is an unforgiving straggler that does not remove easily.

While that's fine while playing in it, eventually you must return to shoes, clothes and your car. The thought of having to feel the sand for the rest of the day gives me massive anxiety.

Then I learned about Sand Gone. Sand Gone is a product that claims to remove sand with ease, leaving your skin soft and smooth. I was definitely excited to pack it along to our next beach adventure.

According to their website:

"The dry, white powder is both non-toxic and non-talc. It also contains a hint of coconut fragrance. Sand Gone is best used when cleaning up while leaving the beach. However, Sand Gone works perfectly well when cleaning up after the sand box, playground or wherever one encounters sand. It is like having a "dry shower" from a jar. In addition to removing the sand, Sand Gone also removes the salt from your skin after a day at the beach. No more uncomfortable "scratchy feeling" under clothing during the drive home."

As soon as it was warm enough, we packed the kids in the car and headed to Santa Monica for some fun in the sun. I happily stayed relaxing on the blanket with the baby while my husband took our oldest out to play.

Every time they walked up for another toy or otherwise, they were more and more covered in gross wet sand. I kept reassuring myself ‘it’s ok, you have Sand Gone!’ At one point my daughter was even taken down by a wave, plastering even more sand to her body.

When the day had sadly come to an end, I opened the container to find a soft white microfiber poof. The non-toxic, non-talc powder inside had a delectable coconut scent. The instructions simply say to apply Sand Gone to the poof and use the poof to wipe sand off of skin. I dabbed the poof into the starchy powder and wipes across my daughters leg.

…ew. It became a mushy white streak that we now could only get off with the towel. I tried again on their feet. Fail again. It was only creating thick mush. We did notice that it created a bit of a barrier where sand will not restick I started to wonder if it should be applied when dry to act as a preventative. I had my husband reenter the water and unfortunately that immediately washed away the Sand Gone, negating my idea.

I’m very sad to say that I didn’t think this product worked for us. Unfortunately, it just left a floury mush on wet bodies that was harder to remove than the sand, and a white powdery stain on bathing suits, and anything else it fell onto.

I do notice, that their website appears to be using it on dry sand. although there were no instructions specifying that. In my opinion, dry sand is not an issue. That can easily be brushed off with a towel, or even your hand. If I’m going to put up with the sand until it dries, I can’t imagine still needing a product to help get it off at that point.

That said, for those who find brushing dry sand off to be a problem, Sand Gone is sold in 8 oz jars on their website for $14.95 plus shipping.


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