Friday, June 12, 2015

Review: Walls of the Wild Mural Decals

With two little girls in my home, decorating and finding something that they can both enjoy is a major challenge! I have bought wall decals from the stores and applied them to my walls, only to have them bubble, peel off and tear. I have looked high and low for something that will withstand a 2 year old's curious picking and scraping of the stickers and have had NO luck. Let me introduce you to WALLS OF THE WILD, an easy to use, vinyl decal that is hand painted into the design of your choice.

I was given the choice to choose a few items to review. I chose their butterfly collection, a fairy and a Monkey on a branch with a macaw!

My oldest is 4 years old loves Tinkerbell. While the decal is more a mythical fairy rather than the Disney version, She still loved it and knew exactly what it was.

The monkey went in their play room and I just wish I would have gotten a picture of their reaction, it was priceless.

The decals come on a paper backing. You simply peel the backing and stick! Easy as that.

If you are one of those people that has to have it perfect (like my husband), you can tape the top of the backing to the wall and remove the vinyl that way.. It ensures that it will come off completely straight, Me, I'm the just stick it the wall type of gal!

I find it very intriguing that the artist, Dede Lifgren, puts so much effort into her murals! She hand paints everything, studies every single animal that she paints to the extent of how they look underwater, shadowing in the forest, etc. It is amazing.

Most companies don't put so much of an effort into their vinyls but this company really goes over the top.

The goal is to have the mural look like the artist came into your home and painted it on the wall herself.... and let me tell you, I am convinced! I cannot tell where the sticker begins. It is smooth and with the way it is painted, it really does look as though it is painted right onto my wall. I was truly amazed when we stuck them on the walls.

You may have seen the ads on many websites, apps and games for this company. I never heard of them before but as soon as I was given this to review, I saw them everywhere! I have asked around and not too many people had heard of them but after showing to a few of my mom friends, they are sold.

These vinyl decals are perfect for a nursery, children's rooms, play rooms and even used in doctors offices. There are designs from all spectrum's... Sea life, Safari animals, Farm Animals, Birds, Dinosaurs, Plants & Flowers, and Magical Creatures.

They do say that their decals are tear and scratch resistant but my daughter definitely proved that theory wrong. She did rip a section of the monkey but with careful placement, I was able to stick it back up so you couldn't even tell it was damaged. I have had them up now for almost a month and I can say that, there are no bubbles from the heat, no peeling, no changes. They still look as amazing as the day I put them onto our walls.

Thank yo,u Walls of the Wild, for allowing me to review your wonderful decals. Dede, You are an amazing artist and you can truly tell that you love what you do as the passion comes out in all of your paintings! I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Check out their website for all the different styles you can purchase at their website, and from now through Sept. 12, 2015, you can use the discount code WOW25 to receive a 25% discount off your order!

Walls of the Wild Website
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  1. I love these decals. They can really make a room feel like the place in which they represent. Like I would love the plants and tress to create like a jungle theme.

  2. My Gbaby would love this! #productreviewparty

  3. My daughters would love to decorate their room with sea decals so their room would look like they're at the beach. #ProductReviewParty

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  5. These are so fun and kids would love them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. My daughter would love transforming her room with those!

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