Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Organo Gold Coffee

 Reviewer ~ Lynda Hardy

When I was asked if I'd be interested in reviewing a few Organo Gold products sold by Sharon Christman, I was curious and a little unsure.  The coffees, teas, supplements and personal care products all contain ganoderma - a type of mushroom used in Eastern medicine that is also known as reishi.  I didn't know much about it, so I did some research before agreeing to do this, and learned that it has a long history as a beneficial food that can help regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, and has several other reputed benefits, earning it the nickname 'mushroom of immortality'.  

Sharon was very helpful in providing me with several documents explaining its usage and also shared a personal tidbit that mattered a lot to me - we both share a history of battling rheumatoid arthritis.  She told me how she'd started drinking the coffee - one or two cups a day - and in a short amount of time, she'd gone from needing to prepare for disability to returning to a normal, functional life.  That really intrigued me, although I also kept in mind  that a short trial was not likely to turn around my 30+ years worth of RA damage.  Even so, I could review for taste and look for any negative effects.  I checked with my doctor about any potential interactions with the medications I take, and eagerly awaited my package.

What I received was quite a generous selection - a few servings of green tea, some Mocha packets, Latte packets, and a full box (30 sachets) of the Organo Gold Gourmet Black - enough for 2 weeks worth of testing.  Additionally, Sharon tucked in a large tube of Organo Gold's Velvet body cream, with instructions to slather it on as often as I thought about it.

Starting with the Organo Gold Gourmet Black - this comes in individual serving sachets.  My experience with instant coffee goes back to the bad old days of Sanka, so I was a little worried, but  these are on par with the Via sachets sold by Starbucks (and slightly less expensive).  The coffee mixes perfectly with boiling water with no residue at the bottom and the taste is rich and full-bodied.  Additionally, I received these during a heat wave and told Sharon it was a little too sweltering for hot coffee, and she recommended making some up to chill in the refrigerator and serve over ice.  It makes for a very tasty iced coffee and one I'd drink purely for pleasure.

But there is at least one really wonderful reason to drink it besides the taste - I'd mostly given up coffee a few months ago because, after years of enjoying coffee, I was experiencing numerous negative effects including a racing heartbeat when I drank it.  Decaf just didn't cut it for me.  Well, Organo Gold's coffee isn't decaffeinated, but the ganoderma mushroom powder seems to neutralize the negative effects of the caffeine, while letting me keep the alertness, rejuvenating aspects of it.  With Organo Gold, I can safely enjoy coffee without having to give up caffeine.  I experienced no negative effects, and while I did not experience any noticeable alteration of my RA symptoms, I found this to be a very pleasurable addition to my day.

The Mocha and Latte products are also quite tasty and mix well water, and the green tea had a very fresh herbal taste.  None of these had any sort of odd aftertaste - I don't know how they do it, but I wasn't able to taste the ganoderma additive at all.

 Lastly, the Velvet body cream was a really nice surprise.  It also contains ganoderma, along with macadamia oil,and is very moisturizing and smoothing with a light scent that isn't overpowering.  I've used it all over and find it to be one of the most hydrating body creams I've ever tried.  I highly recommend this!

I also want to highlight how enormously helpful Sharon was in determining what my needs were, providing me with information and explanations for my questions and concerns, and even checking in with me now and then throughout my trial period to make sure things were going well.  She is personally very committed to these products, and to helping others achieve better health, and it shows in every interaction with her.

As a footnote, the other day, my fiance and I were out doing errands and stopped at a locally owned coffee shop and saw a sign saying that in addition to their regular coffee, they also had 'Healthy Coffee' and on looking closer, I recognized the logo - sure enough, it was Organo Gold, sold at a much higher cost per cup than you can get via Sharon's website.

If you'd like to try any of Organo Gold's products, visit Sharon Christman's website Healthy Coincidence.


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  1. I like to try giving this coffee as a gift to a person who is into specialty coffees!