Meet Jennifer

Hello everyone in the internet world. I am Jennifer Sloat. 

So, who am I? I am almost 30, eew. I am a retail manager for a major retailer, where I have worked for 7 years.

I love to help people, whether it is my customer or one of my associates get to the next level in their selling, and hopefully a bit of personal development for them too. 

So much of what we “have to do” at work have real world applications that can make us better people.

In this retail world I have been a sales associate in clothing, worked and managed in the cosmetics world, and managed jewelry, accessories, and clothing too.

My main passion it to have a positive impact on life, by helping others in anyway I can, and to working on my own personal development, and always lead by example. This is why I am successful at what I do. 

Working as a manager in retail allows me to be a coach - I love to teach.

I am also a makeup artist. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have done over the past years, when I’m not at work, I am doing a preview for a wedding look, or it’s the big day! I have done countless weddings, photo shoots, and other special events.

On of these days when I grow up (I swear I will still say that when in 80!) I will go to cosmetology school so I can own my own salon, do hair and makeup, and sell my artwork on the walls.

Did I mention I’m an artist?

I am also an independent distributor for Herbalife. I love it. This definitely falls in line with my passion to help others. I have had great health results with Herbalife, eating more nutritious foods and leading a more active lifestyle. I never thought I would run a timed mile after high school- which was over 10 years ago! Now I feel so liberated and pumped when I do run!

I have been married for 6 years to my favorite person in the world, Tony. I love to tell people I’m his mistress, as people don’t believe I’m his wife sometimes (there's a bit of an age gap). Oh, the faces I get, priceless.

Tony has two boys, a 17 year old, and a 13 in-a-few days year old. I love them to death. I have known the boys and Tony since they were young, so there is a great relationship between us all, when I say chores need to be done there is some grumbling, but that’s because there are chores. 

Together we go to movies, (mmm...popcorn), we go to concerts, and we go for long drives just because. One weekend we ended our drive in Hollywood, only an 8 hour drive. I’m the stability, Tony is the spontaneous that I need.

Next big outing will be a drive halfway across the country to Rocklahoma! SOOOOO excited!!

The last bit about me that I can think of is that I am still a little goth girl at heart. I love my dark and macabre anything. 

Black and white photo of a Spanish moss covered oak, with a raven or two and a storm riddled sky? Yes please! o.0

I look forward to reading and writing reviews. I have always liked to research, trying new things, and writing. This is gunna be awesome!

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