Meet Crystal

My name is Crystal Groves and I am a web developer, musician, and farmer from the back woods of the Mid-Atlantic.

I take care of my disabled father and work to live a sustainable life-style with my fiancé and Texas city-boy Donald, and our many critters.

Donald is learning the farming life-style, and I enjoy teaching him about small game butchering, gardening, and country cooking.

We live a primal food (grain-less) life-style and like to lift weights, boxing, and plan to take up swing lessons sometime soon.

We love pitbulls, and are currently spoiling our pitbull puppy, Cort.

We partner on a local blog called Gettysburg Wire in order to support local business and food. We are very passionate about supporting the "little man", which encourages my passion for writing reviews for varying products.

I love handcrafted jewelry, homemade beauty products, and other items created by real people doing what they love.

My hobbies include working full-time as a web developer while still starting my side business for small business web design at Misfit Interactive. I'm so nerdy I've been coding websites since I was 14 and can't seem to do it enough in my career that I do it in my free time as well.

But in all seriousness, I enjoy music, writing / blogging, camping, wilderness skills, and the country life. If I could live out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains and still have wifi for my technology then I would be happy.

Our ultimate goal is to own a country B&B and host varying events and festivals so I can farm at home and still continue my work on the web and in the community.

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