Meet Christine

Hello there! My name is Christine. I am a 30-something mom to 3 boys ages 7, 4, and 1 (can you say CHAOS!) and wife to my husband.

I live in a NJ suburb about 15 minutes out of New York City. While I live near the city, I dream of a life in the country.

My hobbies include running, cooking, and changing lots and lots of diapers. We are big into green living and attachment parenting. I swear I am better suited for living in the Pacific Northwest, but life is here!

I love researching natural living topics, getting into debates with others, and being a GoogleFu Master.

On a normal day you can find me dropping my son off for school while drinking a very large cup of coffee and staring into the sky.

I am a free spirit and while some think I am scatterbrained, I am really just multitasking.

This year we are hoping to buy our first home (apartment living with 3 boys isn't fun!), get a mini-van, and I am studying to become a doula. Lots of fun things happening around these parts!

I am so happy to have joined the Reviews, Chews, and How-tos team!

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