Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Solid Cordz Gold-Plated HDMI Cables

I was given the opportunity to check out a set of gold plated HDMI cables from Solid Cordz. Now let me first be clear about something. I am a techy but not just any techy. I am an electronics technician by profession so I take my electronics and entertainment very seriously. This cable was able to scratch an itch that is hard to hit sometimes.

Any good electronics tech can tell you that the main weak point in any electrical system is the wire connections. This is the weakest point of any of any cable or wiring system. The most heat is generated here because there is a higher level of resistance at this point than anywhere else in the wiring.

This is also a weak point for signal transfer and often can degrade the quality of the data being sent across the connectors. If you lose bits of data as it flows through a cable or connector you will begin to see the well-known blocky digital break-up.

Digital distortion, aka 'blocky break-up'. Nobody wants to see this!
The circuitry in your TV tries to compensate for the missing information and copies other blocks into the picture. It can even cut out or fail all together.

The gold-plated connectors on the Solid Cordz cables help to eliminate that. Gold conducts electricity better than copper does. The signal flows easier and has less of a chance of dropping out,  which causes the picture to break up. The lower resistance ensures you don’t miss the tiny details of a movie or that game winning sniper shot in Call of Duty. Solid Cordz really did a great job with this cable.

The next feature I want to point out is that they use the most recent technology and support the newest data transfer rates. They also have support for 3d gaming and video. Most cable with this added support are far more expensive than Solid Cordz.

Their customer support was a little lacking in my opinion. The person I had spoken to was very polite and prompt in their response, however, were not able to provide me answers to a few technical questions I had.  Instead, they referred me to the blurb on their Amazon listing. I do think it is important for the customer service department to be highly competent to answer questions of a technical nature.  People use HDMI cords with a lot of specialized and expensive equipment that can potentially be damaged if not connected properly.   I was able to determine that it safe to use on my own system by researching it myself, but not everyone will know what to look for - that is what customer service should be for.

Upon hooking up the cable I honestly didn’t see any real difference in my picture or audio quality, however, I do already use high-end cables. Paying $35 for a set of 2 six-foot HDMI cables from Solid Cordz is a much better deal than the higher end $70+ cables you can purchase from big name electronics stores. I can’t speak about the 3D support or gaming video quality as I currently do not have a 3D capable TV and had to get rid of my gaming console a few months ago.

TV picture using my original cable

TV picture using Solid Cords Goldplated HDMI Cable

For all the features that come packed inside these little cables the price is unbeatable. Sure, you can go out and pay crazy prices for other cables but why would you? I would recommend these cables for anyone from the most basic user to the super-techys such as myself.

Solid Cordz Website
Solid Cordz on Facebook
Purchase on Amazon

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  1. I am so un-techy it is pathetic. Thankfully I have a semi-knowledgeable hubby and very knowledgable kids. I'll have to ask if our cords have gold plated connectors!

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